The OnePlus 6 Launch Tabloid,

Hello friends,

It’s that time of the year again, when the OnePlus team jets off to different parts of the world to prep for our launch events and popups worldwide. This year, @Chris dB and I are splitting up to go to the London and Mumbai launches respectively. We’ll be tracking down our fellow team members a la Harriet the Spy style (Chris will probably fancy himself more of the Anderson Cooper type ha) and getting quotes from them on how things are going. And who knows, maybe a few familiar faces will pop by to spill the juicy details themselves.

Chris and I will update this thread probably a few posts a day, so check back for fun tidbits, lovely (perhaps scandalous) photos and some lighthearted jibber jabber.

Feel free to share your own launch travels, and throw in some requests or questions for staff – we’ll see what we can do. Just don’t try to trick us into spoiling anything about the OnePlus 6. :p

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