OnePlus 7 Pro Supports HDR 10+

Hi everyone,

Very excited to share more news regarding the OnePlus 7 Pro display. Apart from the DisplayMate A+ Rating, I’m proud to announce that OnePlus 7 Pro’s breakthrough display is also HDR10+ certified, providing you with a more dynamic, detailed and vivid viewing experience. By bringing you a display of the future, we’re again raising the benchmark for flagship displays throughout the industry.

HDR10+ provides frame-by-frame adjustments for the optimum representation of contrast from the HDR source content. HDR10+ also produces 4000 nits of peak brightness, a massive raise of 3,000 nits compared to HDR10. Being an open format, it’s license and royalty free and therefore easily adoptable by manufacturers and content producers with quality maintained through a HDR10+ certification and logo program.

HDR10+ is currently only available on a selected few TVs and smartphones, due to the high technical requirements for production. We’re thrilled to be releasing a flagship that will join the ranks of the devices that support HDR10+, and to be bringing you a viewing experience of the future on the go.

As more content is delivered through our smartphones, we believe it’s of the utmost importance to provide you with a technology that will shape the future of television and smartphone displays alike. We hope to provide you with a more immersive experience every time you watch your favorite movie or show, making each interaction with your phone more enjoyable.

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